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↑ Photo by David van Haren

↑ Photo by Lucia Smatanová

(Press) Photographer / Videographer / Drone pilot

John Beckmann

Hello there, I’m John – a professional freelance (press) photographer and videographer based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
When I was 7 got my first camera, a Polaroid 600. It was an instant match, a camera that is still working today. I learned the hard way that some moments can only shoot once and I need to shoot them at the perfect moment.As far as I can remember I always enjoyed taking photos, capturing moments at home or at vacation. When I bought a videocamera I tried to capture sunrises and sunsets as a timelapse, which went wrong. For every challenge I researched a lot to tackle the issues and problems. The spark was the timelapse intro of the Netflix series of House of Cards: timelapses taken as pictures. It requires to master all aspects of photography while the daylight changes into the dark night. Only with timelapses you can show recurring patterns in our environment.
I got into press photography via a local news broadcaster in Nijmegen. There I gained knowledge and continued to give that expertise to interns. At the same time I started to work as photo editor for a Dutch sports press agency. My talents were quickly seen and today I teach other editors how to edit a photo. All photos within a folder must have the have the same high quality look: colour, contrast composition. Most importantly: only select ideal photos, photos that news papers are more likely to buy. (I will soon post some more insights in my blog).
I also take aerial photo’s, I built as a teenager my own model-helicopters. No GPS and sensors taught me really how to fly even in the smallest rooms.

I like to shoot things as they are. Natural light, natural feel, real people. An insight into the real world. A journalistic / documentary point of view. See my portfolio with examples of my work.

When I’m not walking around with a camera, you will find me on the airfield in Malden. There I’m learning how to fly a glider/ sail plane.



What services do I offer?

BundleWizard is an IPTC Adjustments & FTP Combining Automization service for photographers & editors. Photographers and photoeditors need to upload very often the same set of photos to different pressagencies (via FTP) with different descriptions, headlines, tags (IPTC) and much more . Often only very specific persons (like sponsorships) or only a team must be uploaded to a specific agency/ sponsor. BundleWizard can do that with a single upload.
See more at https://www.bundlewizard.net

Other services:
Photography | Videography | Editing | Workshops
Examples: Company photos & videos | Documentary | Drone | Event Photography | Interior photography | Portrait photography | Timelapse | Wedding
Workshops: camera settings – photo editing with Lightroom – drone – sport photography – colour spaces and screen calibration


Contact me

John Beckmann

   +31684485722 (you can reach me also via whatsapp)

Beckmann Media is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 80905080
John Beckmann is member of the NVJ, Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten/ Dutch Association of Journalists.



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