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Commercial: Advert for a Toyota & Suzuki car dealer

A commercial I directed, shot and edited for a local car dealer in Nijmegen. Shots include slider shots, drone shots and timelapses. The voiceover text was written by the car dealer themself, the music and voiceover audio was produced by a third party.

Commercial: a promotion video for a new residential district for the municipality of Nijmegen

A promotion video directed, shot and edited by me in assignment of the municipality of Nijmegen. A commercial to promote a new residential district of Nijmegen. The center of the attention is the orchard in the middle of the houses and its place next to dyke.

News report: a report about an art exhibition “Hope”.

Oussama Diab exhibits his art in a small gallery in Nijmegen.  His art is influenced by his experiences as a refugee from Syria and is a combination of memory and dreams. Shots (slider + gimbal) and edit by me.

Event: Recording of a presentation.

Recording of several presentations during of symposium. An event with a length of 2h:30m shot with multiple cameras.
Camera, edit and animation were done by me.

Video item: a drone video taken inside of a church.

One of the more complex drone missions: lots of space, but no empty space. A lot of lamps with long cables were hanging down from the ceiling. A second person helped to keep an eye with those cables.
Shots and edit by me.

News report: beehives on a rooftop within an industrial area.

Normally you would find bees in the nature. But here they are on a rooftop surrounded by an industrial area. The shots I made also contain slow motion, if you watch carefully you will see how the bees hit each other when they try to enter the beehive. 

News report: a foundation with search dogs who can smell cars through water

A report of Stichting Signi Zoekhonden, a foundation with special search dogs. Those search dogs can smell if there is a car under water (with a possible drowned person in it). The shots contain drone shots of a speedboat cruising through the water. Videoshots and edit by myself. 

News report: a  special train arrives in Nijmegen

A one-of-a-kind train built in 1954, nicknamed “Camel” due to its shape (the cabin is on top) arrives in Nijmegen.

Videoshots and edit by myself, voiceover by a colleague. 


News report: devastating fire destroyed club house of sportclub “SCP”.

A video report with two interviews I made for the Dutch media “Hart van Nederland”- click on the thumbnail to watch the video in a new tab.


News report: rooftop fire of an appartment in Nijmegen.

A video report of mine with an interview that got used by the Dutch broadcaster “NOS”. Click on the thumbnail to watch the report at 02:52min – click on the thumbnail to watch the video in a new tab.


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